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Vector MEGA-Torque EL-SE E-Type Lab Handpiece Set

by Vector
Original price $686.00
Original price $686.00 - Original price $686.00
Original price $686.00
Current price $513.00
$513.00 - $513.00
Current price $513.00


  • Durable, high torque handpiece
  • Variable speed foot control
  • Deluxe modern control box
  • Deluxe High-Torque 0-35K RPM Lab Handpiece
  • Includes: Ultra modern control box, variable speed foot control, monster torque E-Type motor, handpiece stand, and 1 set of replacement brushes. 
  • This set does not include a handpiece.


We have updated and modernized our control box for a more stylish look. But looks are not everything. New digital speed control dial with digital read-out. Exclusive Auto-Cruise button maintains speed even after letting up on foot pedal.

Powerful Torque

Deluxe high-torque 0-35,000rpm lab handpiece. This is a high performance motor. Very smooth and quiet with twist style chuck to quickly exchange out burs and mandrels with ease. Back cord cap removes easily for quick in-office replacement of motor brushes.

Variable Speed

The high quality foot pedal allows full, hands-free speed adjustment. Compare to our competitor’s units that include only an on/off foot pedal which forces you to adjust speed at the control box dial. The variable speed foot pedal is a “must have” feature when shopping for a new lab motor! All VECTOR MEGA-Torque Lab Motors come with the variable speed foot pedal option included at no charge!

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