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UPower UP500 Control Box

by UPower
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UPower UP500 Desktop Lab System 


  • Compact and light weight, this unit takes up only a little of working space.
  • Special circuitry guarantees the RPM remains constant once it is set.
  • Operation by manual mode or by variable foot control pedal (VC60)
  • Complete safety systems are installed on the UP500 enclosure.
    1. A fuse protects against abnormal current at primary and secondary circuit of the transformer.
    2. A thermal fuse protects against the overheating of the transformer.
    3. A thermal sensor protects against the overheating of the output circuit block.
    4. Accessible metal parts are concealed into UP500 enclosure.
    5. Electronic circuit breaker protects against the overload of micro motor handpiece.

Micro Motor Specifications:

Input:                                                 DC30V (Max)
Speed:                                              35,000 RPM
Size:                                                  Diameter 28.8mm x L162mm
Weight:                                             Weight: 190 g (not including motor cord) 10 Ncm
Mounted Collet Chuck:                      2.35 mm

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