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Syntek Aerosol Cleaner & Lubricant

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$47.00 - $62.00
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  • 100% Synthetic Cleaner & Lubricant. Think Mobile1 for Handpiece Maintenance.
  • SYNTEK is a one step product. It is applied before sterilization to both clean and lubricate. There is no need to lubricate after sterilization!
  • SYNTEK has passed all protocols including wear, free running RPM and sterilization by a leading bearing manufacturer. It is certified "food grade" and safe for used in dental applications.
  • SYNTEK is 100% synthetic and far superior to mineral oils commonly offered in the industry - think Mobil 1 for handpieces.
  • SYNTEK provides higher film strength compared to mineral oils. This means less wear.
  • SYNTEK will not break down, cause varnish buildup, or gel the way mineral oil will.

Click Here for Syntek MSDS Sheet


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