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SurgyStar Piezo Replacement LCD Screen PCB F/Controller

by Dmetec
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Replacement LCD Screen PCB F/Controller


Good design with built in Peristaltic pump.  Working Frequency Ultrasound of 24-32 KHz (Bone 29 KHz, Soft tissue 50 KHz) .



  • Working Frequency:  24 KHz - 30 KHz
  • Dimension:  320mm Width, 135mm Height, 235mm Diameter
  • Clean Function:  Enable cleaning cycles to be carried out in water circuit
  • Automatic Protection Control:  Interrupt power and water supply in case of incorrect use of the handpiece and insert tip
  • LCD Screen:  Soft and easy way to touch; Wide 5.7 inch touch screen; Adjustable during operation
  • Micrometric Cut:  Maximum intra-operative precision & security
  • Selective Cut:  Minimizes the risk of harming soft tissues (nerves, vessels, membranes)
  • Blood-Free Surgical Site:  Offers the maximum/intra-operative visibility
  • Applicable:  Periodontal, neuro, plastic, and cardiovascular surgery
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