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Sabra Care Plus Lubricant Kit (No Nozzle ) 12oz.

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Sabra Care Plus Lubricant Kit, 12oz.  With quick conect nozzle for Sabra handpieces

Boundary Lubricant

Performance rating 5-10 times better than standard lubricants
Forms a protective film around metal parts
Lowers operating temperature, reducing bearing wear
Cleans as it lubricates, preventing contaminent build up
Fewer repairs, Save Time - Save Money
Citris Scented
Sabra Care Plus Lubricant Spray Most common lubricants are hydrodynamic lubricants which rely on a constant bath of oil or grease to form a fluid layer between moving metal parts, protecting them from friction heat and surface wear. Hydrodynamic lubricants (just like those in your vehicle engine) are easily aspirated, so a tight seal or pump is required to provide sufficient quantities of lubricant to the bath. 
Boundary lubricants ( like Sabra Care Plus) , however, rely on a chemical bond between the lubricant and the metal surfaces to create an extremely durable insulating coating as the outside layer of metal parts. Under load and heat conditions, the lubricant transforms the molecular structure of exposed metal surfaces, providing protection even in minimal lubricant volume applications. 
Since the dental handpiece has neither room for a lubricant pump, nor any way to tightly seal the lubricant bath, hydrodynamic lubricants are aerosolized by the high speed, load and heat, which then mandates re-lubrication. A boundary lubricant is ideal for this high load and heat application as it can provide maximum protection without needing a pump or a seal because the lubricant actually becomes joined to the metal parts, requiring less re-lubrication. 
Unlike hydrodynamic lubricants which degrade during sterilization, boundary lubricants do not break down in the autoclave or chemic lave sterilization processes. 
Aerosolized hand piece lubricants can be propelled by pneumatic pressure ( used to power the drill) in to the mouth of the patient and into the air in the dental operator ( if not purged thoroughly). Our premium dental hand piece lubricant is physiologically neutral, so it is not harmful to the patient or dental professionals. No other hand piece lubricants on the market today can make this claim.


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