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LED Bulb For W&H 40LT, 50LT, and FA51LT

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The premium quality replacement LED bulb for W&H EA-40LT‚ EA-50LT‚ EA-51LT Electric motor made by MK-dent.

It is easy‚ quick and cost-effective to upgrade from yellowish halogen bulb to white and bright LED bulb and is sure to enhance your productivity.

  • Brighter and up to 15 times longer lifespan than halogen lamp.
  • Very minimal heat build-up
  • Superior luminosity without glare or haloes
  • Environmentally friendly made from non-toxic materials
  • Daylight glow at a color temperature of 5500K
  • Reflects natural color of dentin and gingiva
  • Easy to install and affordable without replacing your existing coupler/quick disconnect
  • Fits W&H EA-40LT‚ EA-50LT‚ EA-51LT
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