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Drill Juice Handpiece Chuck Cleaner

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  • Drill Juice is a unique cleaner and lubricant designed for cleaning all dental handpiece chucks (where the bur inserts). Normal cleaning and lubrication doesn't cover this.
  • Quick and Easy to use. Simply clean the chuck with Drill Juice, allow to dry for a few minutes, and lube the turbine. You will be surprised how much dirt and grime you will pull out of chucks. They will operate smoothly, holding burs more reliably with better concentricity.
  • Weekly use keeps chucks working smoother and more reliably.
  • Teflon® fluoropolymers are enhanced with ceramics to provide silky smooth operation and excellent durability.
  • This dry film lubricant forms a tough bond to metal surfaces, resists water and steam wash-off and is unaffected by autoclaving. It has excellent penetrating qualities, is quick drying and repels dirt and debris that clogs chucking mechanisms.
  • Drill Juice is non toxic and non flammable when dry.
  • Deposits a tough dry film lubricant that repels the dirt and debris that jams chucks.
  • Compatible with all lubricants.
  • Compatible with all bearings, including lube free style.
  • 10 cleaning brushes included.

Click Here for Drill Juice MSDS Sheet

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