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Beyes DuraMax X1 Disclaimer

The DuraMax X1 is in high demand and the availability status is changing daily.  Please read carefully the below disclaimer.  

1. Ground Delivery of the Equipment is covered by Avtec Dental. The company shall not be responsible for delivery delays due to transportation problems, strikes, material shortage, fire, manufacturing delays or acts of God.
2. Warranty, Refund, and Exchange. Outside the manufacturer's 2.5 year warranty on parts, Avtec Dental makes no other warranties either expressed or implied. With any unused defective machine, the buyer shall promptly notify Avtec Dental within 30 days from the date of receipt. Avtec Dental shall thereupon correct any defect either by repair or replacement of the defective goods subject to the approval from manufacturer. No refund or exchange will be accepted past the date of order.
3. No Cancellation/Refund. Once you place your order, your order is final, non cancel-able and non-refundable.
4. Modifications. No revision or modification of this order shall be effective unless in writing and executed by authorized representative of both parties.
5. This Agreement shall be deemed fully executed and entered into on the date of the order.

Avtec Dental
501 Bramson Court, Ste. 302
Mount Pleasant, SC 29464 USA