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Manual Implant Driver, Straight

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Manual Implant Driver, Straight

This unique set of implant drivers allows the clinician to precisely place the implant fixture in the esthetic zone. The CM driver allows the surgeon to change the position of the implant during placement to meet the unique needs of the patient’s soft tissue and boney anatomy.

With more emphasis placed on immediate placement, immediate loading and the correct stability of the implant fixture this convenient instrument will enhance the predictability of the implant placement process and position. With variable torque drivers (35, 45, 65 Ncm) the stability of the implant can be measured at the time of placement and preclude the need for additional instrumentation.

The straight and angled drivers offer a full array of options needed for placement of the implant fixture. The instrument is generic and will connect with all major implant systems utilizing its universal adapter. No clinical practice that places implants should be without a set of these drivers.