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Aseptico Mont Blanc 1:5 Electric High Speed Handpiece

$1195.00  $1310.00
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Aseptico Mont Blanc 1:5 Electric High Speed Handpiece

Aseptico's 1:5 Electric Highspeed Dental Handpiece is excellent for all high speed general dental applications, as well as sectioning teeth. With integrated titanium design, the smallest head in the market, a special coating, and new ergonomic design, this handpiece is designed for ease and control. Featured ceramic ball bearings reduce heat and friction during procedures, meaning it will run smoothly.


This electric handpiece features a water flow of up to 80 ml/min, and the integrated spray allows efficient cooling of the bur, tooth, and the contra angle itself. This reduces the risk of overheating and avoids excessive wear and tear to the gear systems.



  • Lighweight, integrated titanium design
  • Smallest head in the market
  • Ceramic ball bearings for reduced heat
  • Special coating
  • New ergonomic design
  • Water flow up to 80 mL/min
  • Integrated spray allows cooling of the hardware