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Vector VKS6 ISO-C 6 Pin Swivel w/Bulb

$185.00  $205.00
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Vector VKS6 ISO-C 6 Pin Swivel w/Bulb

6 Pin Swivel Coupler with Bulb


The Vector swivel connectors, o-rings, bulbs and gaskets all are 100% interchangeable with KaVoTM multiflexTM couplers.


Made in Germany of the highest quality materials available all Vector parts and accessories are machined, sorted, finished and tested to meet or exceed the original equipment manufacture specifications.



  • Connects to any 6 pin fiberoptic tubing
  • Use with any KaVo Multiflex type handpiece
  • Direct replacement for KaVo 460LE (001.7599) & 465LRN (553.1550)