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Saeshin X CUBE V2.0 Brushless Surgical Implant System w/ Two 20:1 Contra Angles

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Saeshin X CUBE V2.0 Brushless Surgical Implant System w/ Two 20:1 Contra Angles

The X CUBE V2.0 from SAESHIN is a powerful, user-friendly surgical motor system used for general oral surgery, implantology as well as for all kinds of micro surgery procedures. SAESHIN has been manufacturing precison micro motor handpieces since 1976 and is globally recognized for its research, development, and quality control. This implant kit is the best value in the industry and comes with everything needed to get started tomorrow. 
Avtec Dental is the X CUBE Authorized Dealer with full factory support.

***SPECIAL Sep-Nov 2017: Additional Handpiece at no charge (2 Total).  
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 Reduction geared contra angle with internal and external irrigation 

  • Push Button & Lever Type  - Your Choice - Same Price (Select above)
  • Reduction Gear Ratio 20:1 (16:1, 32:1, 64:1 also available)
  • Torque: 20:1 (5.0 ~ 55 Ncm)
  • RPM range with 20:1 Angle: 30 - 2500 
  • Autoclavable



 Surgical BLDC motor first made in Korea with high end technology  

  • Speed control from 600 to 50,000 rpm and strong torque
  • No noise and vibration helps to improve the concentration in surgery




  Automatic overload protection function 

  • If the load on the bur is higher than the set torque, then the motor is stopped automatically after 2 seconds.
  • In order to release the overload function, simply push the foot control pedal

 Actual RPM and Torque is indicated when the motor is running 

  • This feature allows user to verify proper working condition during operation.


 Compact designed control box with various functions 

  • Eye-appealing LCD and simple interface
  • 10 programable memories for setting the Speed, Torque, Rotating  Direction, and Irrigation Pump
  • Quiet and strong water pump (5 stage-control)



  Self-diagnosis Function  


  Membrane Touch Display   


  Ergonomic foot control pedal  

  • The foot control pedal is designed ergonomically to control all the functions during surgery both easily and quickly.


 Your X Cube V2.0 20:1 Kit will include all of these components: 

Installation Video: