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ZM Advanced Sinus Lift Kit

by A.Titan

Sinus lift procedures are much easier to perform when you have the right instrumentation. Our ZM AdvancedKit includes instrumentation that isn’t available anywhere else.


The 45º angle of the #1 instrument is designed to reflect the Distal and Mesial portion of Schneiderian Membrane.Should you need a more acute angle—say 90º for example—the perfect instrument is the # 2. With both instruments, you can use a large (long tip) or narrow sinus (short tip) instrument .


The #2 and #4 instruments are designed to reflect the upper and lower part of the sinus window. The #2 is for a large sinus and #4 for a small sinus.


Instrument #5 is used to carry and condense a large amount of bone substitute. The #6 instrument will alsoJ condense bone substitute and is usually the choice of doctors who prefer a smaller instrument or a ball


Instrument #7 is a depth marker for you to check the depth of an implant placed into the sinus. One end is 2mm in diameter—used for checking after the first drill—and the other end is 3mm in diameter. Laser marks are at depths of 8, 10, 11.5, 13 and 15mm.