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Woodson Periosteal Elevator, Titanium

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Woodson Elevators

The Woodson elevator design allows the gentle separating and lifting of the periosteal layer from bone tissue. Used in a range of procedures like extractions and bone grafting, every dental clinic should have a reliable Woodson elevator available in the surgical inventory.

Learn about the features and advantages of the Woodson elevator and order reliable instruments from Dental Implant Technologies today.

Basic Elements of the Woodson Elevator Design

The Woodson elevator is a versatile tool with two unique ends that are used in dental procedures. In the dental office, the Woodson elevator is typically used to detach the periodontal ligament for extraction and bone grafting. A Woodson elevator can be used as an essential tool in the implant process, and when treating various stages of gum disease.

The ends of the Woodson elevator serve two unique functions…

  • The sharper angulated end is used to sever the periosteal layer. It is gently inserted between the gumline and teeth and worked around until there is enough reflection to begin retracting the gum.
  • The larger curved end of the Woodson elevator is used to lift the gum flap to provide exposure so that the clinician can move to the next stage of the surgery.

High-quality Woodson tools allow for efficient elevation without causing excessive trauma or damage to the periosteum. Tools should be well maintained with sharp and undamaged ends to ensure the best patient outcomes. Choosing a Woodson tool made from advanced materials can reduce the risk of increased trauma or shredding of the periosteum.

A Reliable Woodson Tool from Dental Implant Technologies

We supply a range of dental elevators including Woodson tools for clinicians. Our products incorporate advanced designs, materials, and manufacturing processes to ensure the highest quality and reliability.

Any clinician looking for a reliable Woodson tool with excellent handling can consider the Woodson Periosteal Elevator, Titanium (SKU: NX-WDSNTG).

This is an advanced Woodson tool elevator with an ergonomic design and the highest quality materials. It is…

  • Used for dental cases to elevate the periosteum.
  • Made from surgical stainless steel for durability and efficient sterilization.
  • Coated in gold titanium to prevent sticking and improve durability.
  • Sold with a five-year warranty for peace of mind.

The handle design incorporates a series of beveled edges that improve grip and handling. The double-ended Woodson tool design allows clinicians to use a single instrument for detaching and elevating the periosteum.

Clinicians Should Replace Woodson Dental Tools When They Show Signs of Damage

High-quality Woodson dental tools can provide years of reliable use in a busy dental clinic. Practitioners will need to replace tools whenever they become damaged or where they deteriorate to the point where they can’t be easily sterilized.

Woodson dental tools should be sharp to ensure safer surgeries. The small, angulated end of the tool works to severe and reflect the periosteum from hard dental tissue. If the end is notched, irregular in shape, or worn, it can shred the periosteum causing trauma and complicating any procedure. A shredded periosteum will require healing, which can add to the patient's recovery time. Damage to the periosteum could also compromise the success of a grafting or socket preservation procedure.

Clinicians should inspect Woodson dental tools regularly to look for any signs of damage. If the angulated or curved head shows signs of damage, the tool should be immediately replaced. At Dental Implant Technologies, we supply cost-efficient Woodson dental tools, ensuring that every clinician has access to the very best instruments.

Replacing Corroded Woodson Periosteal Elevators

Woodson dental tools are made from materials like titanium and stainless steel. These resist corrosion and can last for several years even in the busiest dental clinics. However, the material will eventually deteriorate, creating the need to replace corroded Woodson periosteal elevators.

Corrosion is easy to identify on Woodson periosteal elevators. Parts of the tool will change color, developing reddish-brown rust. In the early stages of corrosion, the damage can be cleaned away before the tool is sterilized and made ready for use. However, the first sign of corrosion is an indicator that it’s time to replace Woodson periosteal elevators.

Metal corrosion doesn’t stop once it starts, even with thorough cleaning. Hand or machine washing, and sterilizing Woodson periosteal elevators will only remove the corrosion on the surface, but the process will be ongoing.

Corrosion prevents Woodson periosteal elevators from being effectively sterilized. Sterilization with dry heat or a steam autoclave will remove surface contaminants. If there is corrosion on the surface, it will reduce the efficacy of sterilization. This is why it’s important to regularly inspect tools and replace them once they show signs of rust.

Pitting is another problem that can develop after using stainless steel tools for several years. Pitting appears as small divot-like defects on the surface. These blemishes allow corrosion to develop quickly, and it is difficult to thoroughly clean and sterilize inside the pitted surface.

Any clinician that identifies corrosion or pitting should order replacement Woodson periosteal elevators from Dental Implant Technologies. Our instruments are made from the finest surgical stainless steel that resists corrosion for longer. The titanium ends remain sharp and have higher corrosive resistance than stainless steel. That’s why we’re so confident in our products and can offer five years of warranty coverage.

Perform Procedures with Confidence Using the Best Woodson Elevators

Reliable Woodson dental tools allow for simpler and safer procedures when lifting tissue flaps and separating the periosteum. Clinicians seeking the highest-quality Woodson elevators can order from Dental Implant Technologies today. Combining advanced materials with innovative and ergonomic designs, we have the best solutions for dental professionals.

We supply Woodson elevators to clinicians in the United States. Explore all of our dental instruments today and order from a trusted company offering cost-efficient pricing on the best elevators and dental instruments.

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