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W11ZF EZPZ Zirconia High Shine Polisher

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Easy and fast polishing of zirconia with EZPZ polishers is completed in two steps.

Step 1: Use a Mint Polisher to pre-polish. Remove all scratches created from diamonds. The more time taken on this step, the better the finish will be. Speed recommendation of 8,000 RPM.

Step 2: Finish with a Peach Polisher, like the W11ZF, to completely restore gloss.

Our EZPZ polishers, specifically developed using HPHT synthetic diamond particles known for their extreme hardness and uniform shape, will remove all abrasions from your adjustments and leave an ultra-smooth and lustrous finish, thus eliminating antagonistic wear. These polishers are ideal for finishing and polishing any monolithic zirconia restorations, from 1300 MPa posterior zirconia to next-generation 650 MPa multi-layered, esthetic Zirconia.