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Vector Blackmax ZR - Complete Electric Lab Motor System

Original price $1,825.00
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Original price $1,825.00
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Current price $1,695.00
One-product solution for any material - Both laboratory motor (50,000 rpm) and zirconia-specialized motor (150,000 rpm) accessible through a single controller. There’s no need to purchase additional air turbine highspeeds or add an air control unit to your lab.

Complete System Includes:

  • 50,000 RPM Brushless Motor
  • Control Box
  • Variable Speed Foot Pedal
  • 150K High Speed Brushless Motor
  • Water/Air Control Box & Connections
  • Complete Zirconia Trimming Kit!

50,000 rpm Brushless Lab System (Control Base): Feature a smooth, powerful, durable electric lab handpiece that accepts all standard lab burs and mandrels. Forward / Reverse control box with manual speed control plus a variable speed foot pedal creates the base of the system. Upgrade and add the Zirconia-Highspeed module to this system for a complete lab and Zirconia trimming system!

Zirconia Module: Powerful high-torque electric motor - the electric motor can reach up to 150,000, outstanding efficiency in processing zirconia ceramic. Eliminate air driven lower torque highspeeds or expensive electric angles designed for operatory use.

High-tech brushless motor VECTORS’s cutting-edge brushless motor technology minimizes vibration while maintaining the power of the electric motor handpiece.

Direct water spray function - The piece comes with an internal water tank and allows for direct supply (Compressed air required)

Dual-function:Wet & Dry - The water spray on/off feature enables both wet and dry method.

Spray & LED light - The LED feature provides plenty of visiable light and water spray reduces heat to prevent cracks.

Anti-Dust mechanism - When handpiece turns, air comes out from its head to prevent dust penetrating handpiece creating better durability!

Process zirconia implant 4 times faster.

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