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Universal Shapers Implant Profiling Kit

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The Universal Shapers Implant Profiling kit is used to create osteotomies, harvest bone, and profile bone around the platform of implants. The drills provided in this kit allow for anatomical profiling at the connection of the implant. This allows clinicians to help guide soft tissue in order to achieve an optimal emergence profile.

Specially designed drills relieve the cortical bone around the implant, which helps increase vascularity, and reduce crestal bone loss. The profiling action around the neck of the implant also helps to guide soft tissue growth, leading to optimal aesthetics around gingival margins. During the drilling process, the bullet shaped drills allow for the harvesting of Autogenous bone, which can then be later used to graft around the neck of dental implants.

Scalloping drills allow for cortical release, resulting in optimal soft tissue conditions for implant crowns. The universal shapers kit can also be used to remove bone on tops of implants, helping to expose cover screws after osseointegration has occurred. The multifaceted capabilities of the Universal Shapers Implant bone profiling kit makes it an essential addition to any implant practice.

Bullet Shaped Drills - Used to create anatomical osteotomies and to harvest bone

  • (2.9x8.5, 2.9x10, 2.9x11.5, 2.9x13mm) Diameter x Length
  • (3.5x8.5, 3.5x10, 3.5x11.5, 3.5x13mm) Diameter x Length
  • (4.2x8.5, 4.2x10, 4.2x11.5, 4.2x13mm) Diameter x Length

Scallop Shaped Drills - Use to profile bone to create ideal soft tissue

  • (5mm, 6mm, 7mm) Diameter

Cortical Release Drills - Used to relieve cortical bone around the neck of implants

  • (3.5x5mm, 4.2x5mm) Diameter x Length           

Pilot Drill - Triangle profile lance initial drill

Twist Drill - Implant drill for initial osteotomy

Drill Extension - Extends the length of the drills and burs provided

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