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Turbo Torque 2200 Mini Head

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The innovative design and the highest quality parts, including ceramic bearings and titanium coating gives us the ability to back this handpiece for 1 year, giving you added peace of mind.The unique chuck design is capable of holding up to 10lbs (over 40N) eliminating the risk of bur slippage ensuring patient and doctor safety.

The patented impeller design allows the air to be guided by a special asymmetrical impeller and grooved back cap to speed up the exhaust airflow and reduce vibration. This results in increased torque and constant speed, even under heavy load conditions.

Bright fiber optics delivers 25,000 LUX to your procedure site even after repeated sterilization.

QuadPort Water Spray ensures that the bur and working site are properly cooled during the procedure.

Key Features:

  • Power 20 Watts
  • Speed (RPM): 350000
  • Weight 54g
  • Optics 25K Lux
  • Head Height (mm) 12.5
  • Head Diameter (mm) 10.6
  • Coupling Type: Multiplex
  • Bur Length Standard
  • Warranty: 2 Years


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