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Tola II Lateral Sinus Lift Kit

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Lateral Sinus Lift Kit

A reliable lateral sinus lift kit can make surgeries simpler and safer. Lateral sinus lift procedures allow for the augmentation of the sinus for implant placement. Specialized instruments must be used to ensure patient safety and the best possible outcome.

Dental Implant Technologies supplies a convenient lateral sinus lift kit. The Tola II Lateral Sinus Lift Kit (SKU: TOLA2) contains curettes, burs, reamers, and stoppers designed specifically for sinus lift procedures. Learn more about the sinus lift approach, why the right tools are important, and how to do a lateral sinus lift with the highest quality dental instruments.

The Lateral Sinus Lift Approach

Dental implants have become the gold standard for tooth replacement. Treatments have become increasingly reliable with advances in techniques and the instruments that are available.

The contraindications for dental implants are frequently being reduced, meaning that more patients than ever can now receive treatment, even if there is significant bone loss. The lateral sinus lift approach is one example of how dentistry has advanced.

Using the lateral sinus lift approach, clinicians can implant in the dorsal areas of the maxilla. This area has less available bone for implantation and the quality is often compromised. The lateral sinus lift approach is an augmentation procedure that makes it viable to place an implant in the dorsal area. Augmentation ensures that implants are secure and supported so that patients have better long-term outcomes.

Clinicians trained in the lateral sinus lift approach can provide an essential service to patients with posterior tooth loss.

There are various aspects of the lateral sinus lift approach that contribute to surgical success. The type of anesthesia used, the way bone is prepared, the augmentation material (synthetic, allograft, autograft, xenograft), and the instruments used are all important.

In most cases, clinicians will find the most success with the lateral sinus lift approach when performing a single-stage surgery under local anesthesia, using lateral sinus lift diamond burs, and a non-autologous augmentation material. Allografts are often selected for their growth factors.

Lateral sinus lift instruments are available individually, although clinicians will find it more convenient and more cost-efficient to purchase a lateral sinus lift kit.

Dental Implant Technologies supplies the best lateral sinus lift instruments for clinicians in the United States.

Key Lateral Sinus Lift Instruments

Successful procedures are made possible with lateral sinus lift instruments. There are several key instruments offered in the best lateral sinus lift kit.

  • Sinus Lift Curettes – These lateral sinus lift instruments are used to elevate the sinus membrane.
  • Bur Stoppers – Used to ensure safety by controlling the depth to prevent perforation of the sinus membrane.
  • LASC (Lateral Approach Side Cutters) – Designed to trim or expand the lateral window.
  • LACD (Lateral Approach Core Drill) – Essential lateral sinus lift instrument that perforates the lateral wall.
  • LASD (Lateral Approach Sinus Drill) – For opening the lateral window if the site is inaccessible with a core drill.
  • LASR (Lateral Approach Sinus Reamer – Safely perforates alveolar bone with a cutting edge.

All of these key lateral sinus lift instruments are provided in the TOLA II Lateral Sinus Lift Kit (SKU: TOLA2).

Lateral Sinus Lift Burs

Sinus lift drills are also known as lateral sinus lift burs. They are (in a pure technical sense) lateral sinus lift burs because they act as files.

What’s the difference between most drills and lateral sinus lift burs? It comes down to the design and the function. Drills are typically used for depth when creating an osteotomy by cutting bone into shavings, which are then displaced by the channels in the drill bit. Lateral sinus lift burs have complex filing grooves rather than drilling channels. By filing away bone, lateral sinus lift burs create an osteotomy through a safer process. Bone is filed away gradually so it’s often easier for a clinician to control a bur when compared to a traditional drill.

Lateral sinus lift burs are coated in diamond material to improve their cutting potential. The bone is cleanly filed without causing structural damage.

Maintaining Stainless Steel and Lateral Sinus Lift Diamond Instruments

Our lateral sinus lift kit contains stainless steel and diamond instruments. Lateral sinus lift diamond instruments are coated in a special biocompatible diamond material that improves the cutting/filing performance.

Just like a sharp surgical knife prevents error and fatigue, lateral sinus lift diamond instruments improve the precision and safety of a procedure, while also limiting clinical fatigue. High-quality tools like lateral sinus lift diamond instruments make procedures easier for practitioners.

Stainless steel and lateral sinus lift diamond instruments can be maintained like other dental instruments. They can be hand cleaned to remove debris and biological fluids. pH-neutral detergents should be used to prevent material damage. Lateral sinus lift diamond instruments are autoclavable for sterilization.

How to do a Lateral Sinus Lift

Our lateral sinus lift kit makes it simpler to perform sinus procedures. Learn how to do a lateral sinus lift kit using the tools included with the convenient Tola II set.

How to do a lateral sinus lift:

  • Whenever reviewing instructions on how to do a lateral sinus lift, remember that imaging is critical. An x-ray scan will determine the distance of the sinus membrane and guide the surgery.
  • Choose a stopper based on imaging, and connect it to one of the LACD, LASD, or LASR components. The LACD creates a circular core, while the LASR and LASD instruments remove the window.
  • The LACD is connected to an implant handpiece. Drill into the sinus wall at 1,200 RPM to develop the window.
  • The LASR and LASD burrs can be used at 1,200 RPM to remove the window entirely.
  • If the window needs to be expanded, use the LASC diamond-coated stem. Set the handpiece at 800 RPM and work smoothly around the window.
  • Curettes are used sequentially to lift the sinus membrane, preparing the site for augmentation.

Knowing how to do a lateral sinus lift is only one aspect of successful procedures. The best instruments make it all possible, and they’re available to order from Dental Implant Technologies.

Order the Best lateral Sinus Lift Kit

Our Tola II Lateral Sinus Lift Kit is the most efficient kit for performing the lateral sinus lift approach. With an understanding of how to do a lateral sinus lift, along with reliable stainless steel and diamond instruments, the best patient outcomes are ensured.

Order sinus lift instruments from Dental Implant Technologies today.

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