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Surtron 80D Electrosurgery / Cutting Unit With 10 Electrodes

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Introducing SURTRON-80D, a groundbreaking advancement in dental electro-surgery-the first of its kind in the market after 30 years. This cutting-edge digital solution revolutionizes the field with its precision and versatility. Equipped with four meticulously designed programs tailored for specific cuts.

The SURTRON-80D enables practitioners to pre-plan procedures, ensuring optimal outcomes at every phase of the medical application. Our innovative Electro Surgery system facilitates a seamless experience by providing the necessary voltages as you progress through each stage of your procedure. This unprecedented level of control enhances efficiency and precision, setting a new standard in dental care.

In addition to its advanced programming capabilities, SURTRON-80D boasts a set of 10 meticulously crafted tips, specially designed to preserve the crucial forms integral to our industry. These electrode tips are not only tailored for precision but are also strategically angled, allowing for access to difficult-to-reach surfaces that traditional straight tips may struggle with. Experience the future of dental electro-surgery with SURTRON-80D—where innovation meets precision for unparalleled results in your practice.

SURTRON 80D is a radiofrequency electrosurgical unit suitable for minor monopolar surgery.

SURTRON 80D has a multi-function selector which makes cutting (CUT), cut coagulation (BLEND), coagulation (COAG) and micro-coagulation (MICRO) possible.
The one-board microcontroller and digital display guarantees consistent safety and reliability under any conditions.

SURTRON 80D offers outstanding professional surgical results due to its ergonomic and superior safety features.

The connection of neutral electrode is constantly monitored. Safety control of patient/plate contact using split neutral electrode. The possibility to control by the handle the monopolar output functions as well as the delivery of output power, allows to implement the surgical operation without turning away the surgeon attention from the surgical field.


  • Underwater Cutting and Coagulation
  • Code: 10100.181
  • Max output power CUT: 80W-400 Ω
  • Max output power BLEND: 60W-400 Ω
  • Max output power COAG: 50W-400Ω
  • Max output power MICRO: 20W-600 Ω
  • Working frequency: 700 KHz
  • Patient circuit: F
  • Selectable input voltage: 115-230 Vac
  • Mains frequency: 50-60 Hz
  • Electrical input power: 230 VA
  • Size: WxHxD 190x85x239 mm
  • Weight: 5.5 LBS.
  • Made in Italy
  • 1 Year Warranty


Patient/Plate circuit monitoring
Output power monitoring
Self check control


Electrical Class: I CF
MDR 2017/745/UE Class: II b

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