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Sonic MM1500 Pro - 4 hole

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New and Improved Sonic Endo Handpiece - Sonic M1500 Pro

  • Stainless Steel Body
  • Quieter than the original
  • Smaller than the original Sonic
  • Push Button Head
  • Made in Japan
  • Facilitates easier canal preparation and instrumentation.
  • Cavitates irrigants for complete canal disinfection.
  • The only endo handpiece that can clean an isthmus.
  • Effectively removes debris in buccal and lingual extensions left unprepared by NiTi instrumentation.

CORONAL FLARING Easy and controlled orifice enlargement. 

CAVITATE IRRIGANTS Effectively circulates irrigants for complete canal disinfection, including lateral canals and isthmuses. 

CANAL SHAPING Safely debrides canals for easy instrument access. 

COMPLETE CANAL DISINFECTION NiTi systems are efficient in creating desirable canal shapes, but they leave 30-50% of the root canal system untouched, leaving behind breeding grounds for bacteria leading to inevitable root canal retreatment.

The Sonic M1500 Pro will effectively cleanse and disinfect entire canal systems for increased endodontic success.

Technical Specifications:

Accepts: Rispi Sonic & Shaper Sonic

Bur Insert / Release: Pull Down Head

Connection: 4-Hole or 2-Hole

Warranty: 1 Year

Autoclavable: Yes 


• 1 Handpiece
• 2 Heads
• Wrench Tool
• Maintenance Instructions



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