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Right-Angled Driver (No Torque)

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Our right-angled driver makes it easy to place posterior screws in the mandible or maxilla. Because it's manually driven, there's no need to connect it to a handpiece.

Bits for Right-Angled Drivers are compatible with all major implant systems. Use these bits with our right-angled driver or any standard latch-type contra-angle system. They're ideal for posterior abutments and cover screws in the mandible and maxilla. 

"As a surgeon the right angled screw driver saves time, and adds safety to placing and removing healing caps. It is on every surgical tray for either implant placement or second stage surgery. No concerns about it slipping and being aspirated, easy access to second molars. Once you try it I doubt you will go back to the hand held screw drivers."  – Dr. Kraut



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