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Ridge Contouring Kit

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Original price $250.00
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Ridge Contouring Kit
This kit is used to split and contour ridges using a slow speed implant handpiece. The pilot drill and saw provided are used to split the mandible or maxilla during the ridge augmentation process. The contouring burs are used to flatten the slope of the ridge. Each bur has a different level of aggressiveness, controlling of the level bone removed.

Included Components

  • SDGDL-02 - 2.0mm stainless steel pilot drill
  • SD-SAW-07 - 7.0mm contra angle saw
  • SD-SAW-09 - 9.0mm contra angle saw
  • CT-5.0 - 5.0mm contouring bur
  • CT-7.0 - 7.0mm contouring bur
  • SD-CS5 - 5 bur cassette


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