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NX Carbide Dental Implant Drill Stop Kit

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NX Carbide Dental Implant Drill Stop Kit
The Carbide Dental Implant Drill Stop Kit is used to prevent over drilling when creating an osteotomy for dental implants. This kit features ultra-sharp carbide implant drills. These drills are long-lasting and are produced in a state of the art factory. Stoppers are provided which allow clinicians to place dental implants without concern of over-drilling. The stoppers slide easily over the hub of the drill and are retained tightly during use. A variety of diameters are provided, making this kit compatible with any brand of implants that uses straight drills. These features make this kit an essential part of any implant practice.


  • PD200L16C - 2.0mm Carbide Steel Implant Drill
  • PD200L16S - 2.0mm Drill Stoppers
  • TD250L16C - 2.5mm Carbide Steel Implant Drill
  • TD250L16S - 2.5mm Drill Stoppers
  • TD280L16C - 2.8mm Carbide Steel Implant Drill
  • TD280L16S - 2.8mm Drill Stoppers
  • TD300L16C - 3.0mm Carbide Steel Implant Drill
  • TD300L16S - 3.0mm Drill Stoppers
  • TD320L16C - 3.2mm Carbide Steel Implant Drill
  • TD320L16S - 3.2mm Drill Stoppers
  • TD365L16C - 3.65mm Carbide Steel Implant Drill
  • TD365L16S - 3.65mm Drill Stoppers
  • TD400L16C - 4.0mm Carbide Steel Implant Drill
  • TD400L16S - 4.0mm Drill Stoppers
  • TD430L16C - 4.3mm Carbide Steel Implant Drill
  • TD430L16S - 4.3mm Drill Stoppers
  • TD520L16C - 5.2mm Carbide Steel Implant Drill
  • TD520L16S - 5.2mm Drill Stoppers
  • NX-DSC - Drill Stop Cassette

Precision Drill Stops

  • Stopper Depths: 6, 8, 10, 11.5, 13mm
  • Stoppers slide over the hub of drill
  • Stopper work with both stainless and carbide drill stops

Carbide Precision Dental Implant Drills

  • Multi-layer dark grey coating
  • Manufactured from high quality surgical materials
  • Clear depth marking due to high contrast
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Smooth cutting due to hard carbon lubricant
  • Decreased cutting temperature
  • Very long tool life
  • External irrigation
  • Laser marking for easy identification
  • Color coded
  • Increases the apex stability of the implant
  • Best choice for immediate implanting after extraction
  • Suitable for use with all types of dental implants
  • Drill length: 18mm
  • Depth markings at: 6, 8, 10, 11.5, 13, 16mm



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