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Bien Air Mot MX-i LED

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These are the most powerful implantology micromotors on the market. With their Chiropro L, iChiropro, Chiropro 3rd Gen and Chiropro PLUS 3rd Gen control units, MX-i LED micromotors are redefining standards in implantology. MX-i LED micromotors are first and foremost a model of stability. At both high and low speeds, they offer enhanced working comfort and their high torque copes with the most complex implant insertion procedures. Depending on the desired speed, the power is constantly adapted in order to provide the optimum result. This is thanks to Smart Logic technology. MX-i LED micromotors are available in two different versions adapted to suit the user's needs: non-self-cooled for implantology procedures, and self-cooled for implantology procedures and oral surgery. Finally, MX-i LED micromotors are equipped with adjustable LED lighting, providing the contra-angle handpiece with intense, natural and constant light at both high and low speeds. Not only are MX-i LED micromotors the most powerful implantology micromotors on the market, they are also the lightest. 3-year warranty.



Like any other electric micromotor, brushless micromotors consist of a rotor and a stator. Unlike the brush micromotor, the rotor consists of a permanent magnet, while the coils are mounted to the stator. The mechanical switching function, implemented by the brush and collector combination in a carbon brush-type micromotor, is replaced by a sophisticated electronic drive that became possible only with the development of high-speed and powerful microprocessors. The electronic drive creates a rotating electric field in the stator that interacts with the permanent magnet.


  • Greater Power and More Torque.A major attribute of Bien-Air micromotors is their elevated power output with constant torque for swift and effortless use.
  • Accurate Command.The proprietary Smart Logic™ electronic control lends Bien-Air micromotors a step-less, vibration-less rotation for the most meticulous and precise dental work.
  • Compact and Lightweight.Bien-Air micromotors are significantly shorter and lighter than conventional models. This results in optimal grip and balance as well as reduced hand fatigue.
  • Maintenance-Free.Bien-Air micromotors’ ball bearings are greased for life making post-usage lubrication expendable. Built to withstand repeated sterilization cycles, the strictest hygiene standards are upheld.
  • Easy and economical to maintain
  • 3 Years Warranty


Bien-Air’s new generation Micro-Series models ally innovation with compact design, resulting in improved power and maneuverability. Up to 30 percent shorter and 23 percent lighter than traditional models, they have an easy grasp that allows for optimal work comfort with less strain on the hand, arm, and shoulder.


A Bien-Air electric micromotor reduces noise levels by 2 compared to an air turbine. This greatly decreases patient anxiety and discomfort and allows the dentist to work more efficiently. It also vibrates considerably less. This offers greater cutting precision and a smoother finish.


Applications Implantology, Surgery
Type Brushless, autoventilated
Speed range 100-40,000 rpm
Max torque 5 Ncm
Torque control Yes
Weight (g) 115 gr
Dimensions Ø 23 x 91 mm
Light LED with adjustable intensity
Max noise level, compliant with ISO 11498 53 dBA
Sterilisable Yes + thermal desinfector
Ball bearings Life-time lubricated ball bearings
Hose rotation
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