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Bien Air Mot M-i

SKU 1600825-001
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Introducing the most powerful implant micromotor on the market.
With its iChiropro and Chiropro L controls, the MX-i LED micromotor redefines the standards of implantology.
MX-i LED is, above all, synonymous with stability. Both at high and low speeds, it offers great work comfort and its important torque achieves the most critical interventions.
The power is constantly adjusted according to the desired speed for optimum operation. Smart Logic technology is your guarantee. Finally, the MX-i LED micromotor incorporates a Adjustable LED lighting that provides the contra-angle with intense, neutral and constant light at both high and low speed.
Insensitive to contact with fluids, the MX-i LED micromotor can be machine washed and can be sterilized with the cable.

  • Induction micromotor
  • 100-40,000 rpm
  • self-ventilated
  • Sterilizable without protection
  • coupling type E according to ISo 3964, specific cable feed
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