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Molt Mouth Gag, 140mm

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Molt Mouth Gag, 140mm

  • Made of surgical stainless steel
  • Silicon coated jaws
  • 140mm size
  • 5 Year warranty

Molt Mouth Gags for Dental Procedures

Mouth gags, also known as mouth props, are the most efficient way to keep a patient’s mouth in the open position during lengthy or complex dental procedures. They ensure safety and success by keeping the treatment site accessible without compromising the patient’s health.

The molt mouth gag is a design that is simple, elegant, and functional. It is easily locked in place and will remove stress from the temporomandibular joint during dental surgery.

Order the most reliable molt mouth gags from Dental Implant Technologies and enjoy the smoothest possible chairside workflow with the best outcomes.

A Simple Mouth Gag with Outstanding Results

While there have been countless major advances in the field of dentistry in recent decades, some of the most important instruments that are used today are also the simplest.

The molt mouth gag design is used by countless clinicians every day to aid in the surgical workflow. This retractor instrument has a simple purpose. It ensures that dental professionals can easily access the mouth without needing to reset or adjust the instrument once it is in place. The design is ergonomic and extremely intuitive. It’s comfortable for the patient, so it can be used for treatments while the patient is conscious. By limiting stress on the temporomandibular joint, a molt mouth gag ensures that the patient is comfortable during a procedure, and free of any lingering pain or stress in the jaw after the procedure.

There are several elements of the molt mouth gag design that make it stand out…

  • The design features scissor-like jaws that are intuitive to use.
  • There’s a ratcheting mechanism to lock the gag in place to suit the patient’s anatomy.
  • The blades curve inwards so they don’t obstruct the surgical field.
  • There are soft silicone coatings to further enhance comfort and safety.

When Should a Molt Mouth Gag Be Used?

There is a range of scenarios where a molt mouth gag would be appropriate. Technically, this type of retractor can be used in any case where the dental surgeon needs access to the mouth without having to hold a manual retractor in place.

The most common examples include tooth extractions, oral examinations, dental implant maintenance, and dental implant surgery. The molt mouth gag design is also suitable for specialized procedures like bone grafting or tissue grafting.

Molt Mouth Gags for Adults

What’s the best size of molt mouth prop for adult patients?  While one size can generally fit all, there are a couple of options available to ensure more versatility and flexibility. If a patient has a smaller than average mouth, then a smaller size may be necessary. Smaller sizes are also ideal for pediatric cases.

  • The 140mm Molt Mouth Gag (SKU-NX-MGL) is the ideal choice for most adult patients. This provides ample space and can fit most patients thanks to the adjustable ratcheting design.
  • The 80mm Molt Mouth Gag (SKU-NX-MGS) is a small size designed for smaller mouths, particularly those of children. Choose this in any case where the larger gag is unnecessary or unsuited to the patient.

Order the Most Reliable Dental Mouth Gags Online

Dental Implant Technologies is your source for the best dental retractors in the United States. You can order online for delivery direct to your clinic. From simple bite blocks to handheld cheek retractors, and locking molt mouth retractors, you’ll find everything that you need to provide safer and more successful procedures to your patients.

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