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Low-Temp Osseo Bone Drill Bits - 5.25 mm

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Low-Temp Osseo Bone Drill Bits - 5.25 mm Diameter


Low-Temp Osseo Drills® are made of the finest surgical Stainless Steel, and scientifically designed to give you the best cutting instrument you have ever experienced.



  • Unique drill design drastically reduces heat during preparation for dental implant.
  • Enhanced integration
  • Higher rate of success
  • Accurate depth by integrated stopper


Thermal injury, when drilling bone is well documented and known, but was not addressed until now!



The Low Temp Osseo Drill™'s unique design enables a less penetrating force, which means less time for heat generation inside the drilled bone. More importantly it means no damage to the bone as may be evident with other standard bone drills that heat above 40°C.Studies have shown that the Low Temp’s unique drill design resulted in a temperature “safe zone” for bone, under 40° C (see graph above).

The 5.25 mm Diameter Drill Bit is Available in 5 Lengths:

  • 8.5 mm
  • 10.0 mm
  • 11.5 mm
  • 13.0 mm
  • 15.0 mm

Less Heat & Less Force guarantees remarkably enhanced implant integration superior to any other bone drills. Use the Low Temp Osseo Drill™ to decrease the drilling temperature and to increase your rate of success.


If not completely satisfied, please return for a full refund.

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