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Laschal Tunneling Forceps

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Laschal Tunneling Forceps
This forceps is used to pull membranes or connective tissue through a periodontal tunnel when treating gingival recession. The thin flat beaks of the forceps easily slides into tunnels making it perfect for passing membranes. Although the tips are thin, they grab membranes and connective tissue tightly without slipping. Simply slide the Tumblok® to disengage the jaws and grab the membrane by closing the handles together. When closed, the Tumblok® will engage and the jaws will lock.

Lightweight Material
The type of steel used by Laschal is also very light in weight. This makes handling much easier and more precise. It also allows the forceps to transmit vibrations very easily, allowing for high tactile feedback. This allows clinicians to feel what is happening at the tip of the instrument, allowing surgeons to make corrections based on feel. Although the instrument is very light, the strength and durability of the instrument is not negatively effected.

Corrosion Resistant
The low carbon content in the steel used by Laschal makes this instrument very resistant to corrosion. The surface of the instrument will remain free of surface imperfections if properly sterilized. This ensures that your instrument stays looking clean and that the mechanical features of this needle holder are not affected by corrosion.

Made and Serviced in the USA
Laschal products are made in the USA with materials sourced domestically. This means that repairs and servicing can be done easily without delays.

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