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Implant Restorative Prostetic Torque Wrench Kit

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Original price $1,150.00
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Implant Restorative Prostetic Torque Wrench Kit

The Implant Restorative Prosthetic Torque Wrench Kit is used to fasten or remove implant prosthetics of all types. This kit is compatible with the majority of implant systems. The drivers provided have a contra-angle slow speed connection and are able to be used with the wrench as well as with any slow speed implant handpiece. Implant Restorative Prosthetic Torque Wrench Kit also provides a thumb knob for hand-held use. The torque wrench provided in the implant prosthetic driver kit allows clinicians to torque any prosthetic up to 35Ncm, making it sufficient for any abutment screw. The implant prosthetic driver kit gives clinicians the ability to restore the vast majority of cases due to the variety of drivers provided.

Styles Provided

  • 1.25mm (.050") Hexagonal Driver (Hi-Tec®, Zimmer®, Implant Direct™, Biohorizons®, Astra®, MIS®, Dentium, Dentis,)
  • 1.20mm (.048") Hexagonal Driver (Osstem Hiossen®, Biomet 3i™, Megagen®, Southern®, NeoBiotech®, Dio®)
  • 1.30mm (.051") Hexagonal Driver (Platon®)
  • Unigrip (Nobel Biocare®, Branemark®, Neoss®, Implant Direct Swishplant®)
  • Torx/Star (Straumann®, Implant Direct Replant®)

Sizes Provided
A short and long driver are provided for the styles listed above. The length of the short and long drivers are 12mm and 17mm respectively.

Posterior Contra Angle Torque Wrench
This wrench is used to take on and off implant prosthetics. The design of this rachet allows for the easy access of posterior prosthetics. This is especially helpful when doing multi-unit fixed hybrid cases. Simply engage the driver with the internal connection of the screw and rotate the back handle to apply force to the screw. The torque value desired can be selected by spinning the black knob at the end of the wrench.

  • Lubricate for increased longevity
  • Contra angle connection
  • Torque range: 5-35Ncm
  • Can be maintained and sterilized like an implant handpiece
  • The latch key on the head of the wrench can be swiveled to accept any contra angle driver
  • The head of the wrench can be separated for sterilization

Quality Manufacturing
This product is manufacturer by one of the largest and most reputable manufacturing firms in South Korea. Their attention to detail and commitment to using quality materials ensures that their products remain reliable long-term.

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