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Bien Air Evo15 Micro-series CA 1:1L

SKU 1600938-001
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The contra-angle EVO.15 is one a kind, simultaneously raising performance standards and revolutionizing patient safety. This promising handpiece combines Swiss precision with an unparalleled level of durability and ergonomics. Discover what makes the contra-angle EVO.15 the indispensable dental instrument, day in and day out.

Bien-Air's generation Micro-Series models ally innovation with compact design, resulting in improved power and maneuverability. Up to 30% shorter and 23% lighter than traditional models, they have an easy grasp that allows for optimal work comfort with less strain on the hand, arm, and shoulder.


  • Transmission ratio: 1:1
  • Maximum speed (rpm): 40'000
  • Head: Shockproof head (stainless steel)
  • Head diameter (mm): 9.4
  • Head size (mm): 14.1
  • Weight (g): 78
  • Noise level (dBa): 55
  • Spray system: 4 asymmetrical mixed air/water sprays
  • Lighting system: Multi-strand optical glass technology
  • Coupling system: ISO 3964 & Bien-Air Micro-Series
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