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Bien Air Evo15 Classic E-type CA 1:1L

SKU 1600939-001
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Micro-Series is the combination of Bien-Air’s most recent line of compact contra-angles with its new generation micromotors. Up to 30 percent shorter and 23 percent lighter than traditional models, Micro-Series guarantees optimal balance and reduced hand fatigue. Micro-Series, welcome to a new dimension.

Accu-Chuck™ PreciPlus bur-locking and rotation drive mechanism Provides staunch clamping of the bur resulting in vibration-free stability and comfort. Bur changing is quick, accurate, and safe, thanks to Bien-Air’s unique Soft Push™ locking system.

Miniature shockproof head Facilitates maneuverability, posterior access, and pediatric use.

Accu-Spray Quattro Mix™ with dualook™ illumination Converges four asymmetrical laser-precise air/water sprays onto the tip of the bur for rapid and even cool¬ing of the operative field. In combination with two multi-strand optical glass conductors, unobscured intraoral visibility is guaranteed

CoolTouch+™ heat-arresting technology Revolutionizes patient safety by eliminating overheating and associated burn injuries.

  • Smallest diameter head for any attachment.
  • Head does not heat up (in fact it can be run without coolant water spray).
  • Bearing rebuilds are 1/2 the cost of W+H, KaVo and NSK.
  • Available in 1:5 fiber optic FG and 1:1 friction grip latch.
  • Available to fit short stem and traditional stem motors.
  • 2 year warranty standard. Additional 1 year warranty available.

EVO.15 Classic E-Type CA 1:1 L Standard / Micro-Series

  • Transmission ratio:  1:1
  • Maximum speed (rpm): 40’000
  • Head: Shockproof head (stainless steel)
  • Head diameter (mm): 9.4
  • Head size (mm): 4.1
  • Weight (g): 84 / 76
  • Noise level (dBA): 55
  • Spray system: 4 asymmetrical mixed air/water sprays
  • Lighting system: Multi-strand optical glass technology
  • Coupling system: ISO 3694 and Bien-Air Micro-Series
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