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Essential Root Fragment Kit

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Essential Root Fragment Kit
The Essential Root Fragment Kit is used for the removal of stubborn root tips. A spade Proxivator is provided which is efficient at ejecting root tips with a simple twisting motion. Heidbrink root tip picks are provided in both single and double ended configurations. Diamond tipped micro forceps provide superior grip when grabbing small root fragments. The utility of this kit makes it an essential tool when more specialized instruments are necessary for difficult cases.

Kit Includes

  • NX-HB1X - Heidbrink Root Tip Pick, Straight
  • NX-HB2X - Heidbrink Root Tip Pick, Left
  • NX-HB3X - Heidbrink Root Tip Pick, Right
  • NX-HBMTG - Heidbrink Root Tip Pick, Tru Grip® Handle, Gold Titanium, DE, Medium Thickness
  • NX-PDL3TBK - Spade Bernard Proxivator, Black Titanium
  • NX-RTF - Diamond Tipped Root Fragment Forceps
  • NX-CS8 - 8 Piece Casssette, Lattice Pattern
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