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Dmetec Surgystar Ultrasonic Piezo Implant Bone Surgery

by Dmetec
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Surgystar Ultrasonic Piezo Implant Surgery

Piezoelectric Bone Surgery

Working frequency range of 24KHz to 32KHz allows the operator to perform various osteoplasty without causing trauma to the surrounding soft tissue.
The Surgystar's design and features put first the operator's comfort and ease of mind, so one can concentrate on the procedures at hand to provide safer and more efficient care.

The Surgystar Piezo Surgery complete set comes in a beautiful plastic molded foam insulated case with cassette tray for autoclave and 14 piece tip assortment.

CLICK HERE to download the Surgystar Introduction

  • Tips and handpiece are compatible with most brands such as Silfradent, Mectron and NSK.
  • The unit is very simple and user friendly.
  • Maximum output power - 50W
  • Working Frequency Ultrasound of 24-32 KHz
    * (Bone 29 KHz, Soft Tissue 50 KHz)
  • All instructions are also visual on the nice LCD display and settings are very easy to follow.
  • DVD on setting up system and how to properly use.
  • The unit is easy to control the handpiece and cut with no practice or experience.
  • 2 Years Manufacturer Warranty
  • FDA Registered
  • Avtec Dental is a SurgyStar Authorized Dealer with full factory support. 
  • In stock and ready to ship today!
  • Automatic Protection Control: Interrupts Power and Water Supply In Case of Incorrect Use of the Handpiece and Insert Tip
  • Lock Function Foot Pedal: toggle the handpiece on and off so you can change positions freely without interruption to power - includes water, power, frequency controls
  • Clean Funtion: Enable Cleaning Cycles to be Carried Out in Water Circuit
  • Perfect Weight & Size: handpiece designed to alleviate hand fatigue on longer procedures
  • Large LCD Touch Display: Soft and Easy Way to Touch, Color TFT 4.8 Inch Touch Screen, Adjustable Function During Operation
  • Compatibility: surgical tips are interchangeable with other common brands, such as Silfradent, Mectron, and NSK
  • Good Design with Built-in Peristatic Pump
  • Foot Switch: Foot Lock Function is Easy & Convenient with its Adjustable Menu for Water, Power & Boost. Adjustable Function During Operation
  • Water Pump
    - Easy to Connect and Change Tubing
    - Adopting Peristaltic Pump, a Certain Amount of Water Supply is Supplied


• Input: AC110V/230V
• Dimension: 10.43” Diameter x 7.44” Width x 6.89” Height
• Surgystar Unit
• Optic Handpiece
• Foot Pedal
• Autoclavable Tray
• Irrigation Tubing
• Torque Wrench
• 100-230V Transformer
• Handpiece holder
• Water/Saline Hanger
• Instruction Manual
• Portable Case
• 14 Tips