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Spotter – Smart Implant Detector

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SKU 5-SPR-000
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Advanced Implant Detection

Accurately detecting implants that are covered by gum tissue, Spotter eliminates the need for complex and painful procedures, such as severing the gums, during two-stage implantology treatments. This innovative implant detector minimizes pain and healing-time for the patient, while reducing chair-time to maximize treatment efficiency for the dentist.

Utilizing the advanced technology, the Spotter is a precise, user-friendly, and affordable instrument suitable both for skilled implantologists and for general practitioners working with implants.

Product Highlights

  • Detects implants at any position or angle
  • Simplifies procedures in complicated cases
  • Accurate and reliable
  • More efficient than x-rays
  • Reduces complications and healing time
  • Suitable with various titanium implant systems
  • Ergonomic, user-friendly design
  • Detachable sensing heads for simple sterilization
  • Precise spotting and detecting implants buried under soft tissues
  • Saves time and money - no suturing required after exposing the implant reducing dose of anesthetic injection
  • Eliminates the need to sever the gums
  • Cutting the length of treatment time in half
  • Considerably less post-treatment complications
  • Obtain precise results with various implant systems

Package Includes:

  • Implant pointer
  • Marker handle
  • 1 Sensor Tip (Can be sterilized up to 10 times)
  • 5 Disposable Protective Sleeves
  • AA battery
  • User manual

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