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BSPMICRO Medium Speed Drill PM-M10-200 (Compatible with Hall Micro 100 and Surgairtome2)

SKU 5010868M0
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Compatible with Hall Micro 100 and Surgairtome2 Drill Systems.

The PneuMicro® Medium Speed Drill is designed for cutting, drilling, and sculpting small bone and enamel. The High Speed Drill accepts a wide range of standard 2.35 mm diameter (3/32 in nominal) diamond, carbide, and stainless steel burs and drills, in medium, long, and extra long lengths. A simple twist of the chuck mechanism loads and locks the bur in place.

Brasseler USA surgical burs are compatible with Hall® bur catalog# series 5091 (Medium), 5092 (Long), and 5093 (Extra-Long).

Speed:  0 - 25,000 rpm
Torque:  6.0 in-oz (4.24 N-cm)
Operating Pressure:  90 - 110 psi (6.2 - 7.6 kg/cm2)


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