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Mini Bone Expander Kit
Used for the expansion of the alveolar ridge for implant placement. This kit includes everything that you need to widen a ridge up to 4.3mm with the use of tapered bone expander attachments. This method is both safe and easy, making it an popular choice among clinicians.

Instructions For Use
1. Take the 1.8mm pilot drill and create several osteotomies along the ridge.
2. If multiple implants are being placed, use the saw provided to split the ridge between the osteotomies, making apical relief cut if necessary.
3. Starting with the 2.6 expander, begin threading the expander into the osteotomy.
4. Repeat with the larger expanders as needed until you acquire optimal bone condition.

Included Components

  • PD200L16 - 2.0mm Contra Angle Pilot Drill
  • NX-BES24 - 2.4mm Bone Expander
  • NX-BES30 - 3.0mm Bone Expander
  • NX-BES34 - 3.4mm Bone Expander
  • NX-BES38 - 3.8mm Bone Expander
  • NX-BES43 - 4.3mm Bone Expander
  • NX-SAW9 - 9mm Contra Angle Saw
  • NX-CS8 - 8 Bur Cassette
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