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Black Ruby Osteotome R1 Straight Single Pack for Magnetic Mallet

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10 Black Ruby

The latest generation osteotome with DLC coating


The Black Ruby allows to penetrate the bone much easier than traditional osteotomes thanks to the geometry of the tip: conical at the end and then parallel. This allows a huge benefit in implant site preparation and sinus lift. Black Ruby is treated with DLC (Osseotouch exclusive!), which reduces friction and heat production close to zero. Black Ruby is the top tier in technology, functionality, and design, the best osteotome in the world!

Black Ruby improves the implant site preparation procedure thanks to the osteotome tip variable conicity that reduces the engagement of the cortex. The diamond-like carbon coating reduces the friction factor on the bone in an extremely perceptible way. The osteotome slides into the bone, shaping, expanding and condensing.

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