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Free U.S. Shipping on Orders $99+

Beyes Maxso X200X-M/N, Quattro Spray, Fiber Optic (NSK Compatible)

by Beyes
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Beyes Maxso X200X-M/K, Quattro Spray, Fiber Optic (NSK Connection) 

The well-designed and precisely-manufactured Maxso X200X delivers an extraordinary torque of 27 watts ensuring accurate cutting. This handpiece is equipped with specially-designed X ball bearings for quieter sound and longer life. It also possesses instant-stop capability (IS Tech) effectively reducing noise and eliminating backflow. In addition to four specially-positioned water ports guaranteeing optimal cooling, it has an all-new Fiber Optic+ that provides a larger and brighter light pattern, enabling clinicians with a clearer operative field. The Maxso X200X also comes with an extended 25 month warranty.


Key Features:

  • X Ball Bearing - Newly engineered ball bearings with special caging material that lasts four times longer than other ball bearings
  • Quattro Spray - Four specially-positioned water ports guaranteeing optimal cooling
  • 27W Torque - Increases efficiency and minimizes stall for the best precision cutting
  • Fiber Optic+ - Provides a brighter and larger light pattern enabling clinicians with a clearer operative field
  • IS Technology - Provides instant stop capability which eliminates backflow and noise when ceasing operation
  • Micro-Tex - A slip-proof coating improves hand grip while ensuring safety and comfort

Key Specification:

  • Instant Stop
  • NSK Compatible
  • Head Size (Width x Height): 10.8mm x 13.0 mm
  • Color Temperature (K): 5,500
  • Brightness (LUX): 25,500
  • Drive Air Pressure (PSI): 40-50
  • Power (WATT): 27
  • Speed (RPM): 430,000
  • Rotary Instruments: FG burs according to EN ISO 1797-1
  • Water Spray: Quattro
  • 25 Month Warranty