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Free U.S. Shipping on Orders $99+

Beyes AirLight M800-45/M4 Handpiece For Midwest 4 Hole Connection

by Beyes
Original price $560.00
Current price $476.00
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The Next Standard

The truly innovative design of this handpiece incorporates Direct-LED Light powered by its own miniature built-in generator. This cutting edge technology allows the operator to have a clear illuminated operative field without the electrical requirement of current power optic systems. The Direct-LED is brighter with a larger light pattern than the traditional power optic systems.

The drive air rotates the miniature generator. The electricity generated illuminates the LED that is optimally positioned on the face of the handpiece, providing daylight bright illumination. It is so efficient there is no loss of air pressure or torque, and the three coolant water ports  provide  the desired coolant spray pattern.



  • 45° Head design for perfect access to the molars.
  • Triple Water Jet stream water (not mist) for perfect bur cooling and visibility.
  • Rear air exhaust to prevent contamination into cutting area.
  • Strong chuck holding force to prevent slippage and improve power with 20W torque.
  • Quiet operation