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Atraumatic Extraction Kit

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Atraumatic Extraction Kit
The Atraumatic Extraction Kit is used for the trauma less extraction of teeth and root tips. An assortment of forceps are included which provide clinicians with a variety of surgical solutions for extraction. Periotomes and luxation periotomes are included to easily sever the PDL with minimal trauma. A Buser periosteal is included for flap elevation.

Kit Includes

  • NX-FP1 - P1 Atraumatic Forceps, Serrated (Upper Anterior)
  • NX-FP2 - P2 Atraumatic Forceps, Serrated (Lower Anterior)
  • NX-FP3 - P3 Atraumatic Forceps, Serrated (Upper Universal)
  • NX-FP8 - P8 Atraumatic Forceps, Serrated (Lower Universal)
  • NX-LUX3S - 3mm Luxation Periotome, Straight, Titanium
  • NX-LUX3C - 3mm Luxation Periotome, Curved, Titanium
  • NX-PT1TG - Posterior, DE, Serrated Periotome, Titanium
  • NX-PT2TG - Anterior, DE, Serrated Periotome, Titanium
  • NX-BSRTG - Buser Periosteal Elevator, Titanium
  • NX-CS14C - 14 Piece Instrument Cassette with Adjustable Divider, Lattice

Gold Titanium- A ceramic plasma coating of Titanium Nitride is used to coat the tips of stainless-steel instruments to prevent corrosion, preserve sharpness, & prevent wear.

Luxation Elevators- Used to reduce trauma during extractions. This instrument is used to cut the periodontal ligament while preserving bone anatomy. Is inserted between the bone and root with minimal damage to bone structure. These are not to be used like elevators, applying rotational torque to these instruments may cause tip damage.

This kit can be customized. Please call in for modifications


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