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Aseptico 7000 Series Implant Motor w/ LED (AEU-7000L-70V)

SKU AEU-7000L-70V
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Original price $5,500.00
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Current price $5,225.00

Aseptico 7000 Series Implant Motor with Fiber Optic LED. High Performance, state-of-the-art functionality at a great price!

The Only American-Made Implant Motor!

With more power, features, and versatility than competing systems, the Premium Series Implant / Oral Surgery Motor is the most reliable, accurate, and comprehensive implant, surgical & endo motor on the market today. This unit is the product of 30 years of motor manufacturing experience, partnered with Aseptico’s worldwide reputation for building strong, dependable dental equipment.

The Premium Motor’s dynamometer calibration system ensures the greatest operational accuracy. Six programmable preset buttons allow for complete personalization, making it ideal to work with any implant system. It also makes for a powerful oral surgery motor that provides maximum torque for any surgical application, including third molar extractions, making this a great Stryker™ replacement!


  • LED handpiece illumination
  • Compatible with most brands of fiber optic & non-fiber optic 1:5, 1:1 & 20:1 E-type contra angles
  • LED intensity is fully user-adjustable and savable to presets
  • Virtually maintenance free! Never change a bulb or worry about delicate fiber optic cabling
  • Ideal for all traditional and mini implants
  • Adjustable torque:
    • Up to 80 Ncm in Implant Mode
    • Up to 4.95 Ncm for surgical applications
    • Up to 1000 g-cm in Endo Mode
  • 40k rpm autoclavable micromotor
  • FDA, NRTL, and CE compliant
  • Compatible 20:1 AHP-85MBFO-CX LED Handpiece
  • Upgradeable software
  • Easy-load irrigation pump
  • Selectable Auto-Stop function in Implant Mode and Auto-Stop-Reverse in Endo Mode when desired torque setting is reached
  • Easy-to-use interface that features adjustable handpiece ratio, speed, torque, and irrigation flow settings
  • Multifunction Foot Control – Pump on/off, Flow Rate, Micromotor Direction, Preset Selection and Torque
  • Auto-sensing dual voltage
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Click Here for Irrigation Tubing

What's In The Box:

  • Electronic Control Console (120330)
  • Autoclavable Micromotor & Fiber Optic Cable (AE-230L-40)
  • Autoclavable Motor Holder (461561) & Attaching Bracket (461562)
  • Multi-Function Foot Pedal (AE-70V)
  • Dynamometer Adapter (461558)
  • Autoclavable Irrigation Tubing Set (AE-23)
  • Peristaltic Pump Tubing Set (AE-23-PUMP)
  • Irrigation Bag Hanger Rod (461541)
  • Handpiece Cradle
  • 110V/220V Power Supply

Aseptico AEU-7000L-70V Product Manual



Dear Aseptico,

Our office purchased four Aseptico power consoles and 1:2 increaser drills for use in our oral surgery Practice. We had been using the 50K Stryker Command I and II drills for 15 years. Stryker discontinued repair support for our system this year, and consequently we were faced with replacing power consoles and drills for our six surgical suites.

We researched four different systems via internet search and had 2 of the companies bring in loaner units for a one week trial. Aseptico did not have a loaner program, so we purchased one unit with the understanding that it could be returned for a full refund. We subsequently purchased four Aseptico units and have been using them in one of our offices as our only drill for removal of impacted wisdom teeth.

My critique of your system is as follows:

    • Cost: Approximately 1/3 initial costs per unit (console/foot switch/irrigation system/drill) as the other system that we researched.
    • Handling: The slight angle connection between the drill and motor makes it easier to get the bur at the correct angle to section difficult impactions.
    • Irrigation: System works fine
    • Footswitch: We will probably switch to the small disc on-off type foot control because when using as a surgical handpiece there is no need for the multiple options on the standard switch.
    • Power cord and foot switch cord: I would like them to be 18" to 2 feet longer.
    • Adaptability: I am using the unit for preparing implant sites using the Mont Blanc reduction handpiece and also plan to purchase the 1:5 increaser handpiece for use when need to section bridgework.

I am very happy with the performance of your system, albeit a short term evaluation. The versatility allows it to be used in every aspect of our surgical practice which requires a surgical handpiece.

I think that oral surgery offices facing our situation of a phase out of a system or a new start-up practice would be wise to compare Aseptico to other available systems.

Robert E. Lane, DDS

"We have found your surgical unit an exceptional value, because of it's versatility. Also, we have found your customer support team to be knowledgeable and always willing to help."


Michael A. Cozzi , D.D.S.

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