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Aseptico 6000 Implant Motor (AEU-6000-70V)

SKU AEU-6000-70V
Original price $3,950.00
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Original price $3,950.00
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Current price $3,752.50

The Only American Made Implant Motor!

The Preferred Implant / Oral Surgery Motor is quickly becoming the best-selling implant motor on the market due to its reliability and affordability. Coupled with the 20:1 Mont Blanc implant handpiece, it gives its operator the freedom to use any implant system available on the market today.

This versatile implant and surgical motor performs standard or mini implants, third molar extractions and other surgical applications, and even endodontics with auto-stop-reverse.  Autoclavable irrigation tubing means you don’t have to buy tubing for every procedure, and the Preferred Motor’s five preset buttons can be programmed separately for both implants and endodontics, dramatically reducing your procedure time. With upgradeable software this unit will be a workhorse for many years to come. No other implant and oral surgery motor can give you all these benefits at such an affordable price.


  • Compatible with E-type handpieces
  • Easy-to-use interface adjustable during all procedures
  • Basic calibration technology
  • Easy-load irrigation pump
  • Up to 50 Ncm torque for implants (when using Mont Blanc handpiece)
  • Up to 1,000 g/cm in Endo Mode
  • 40,000 rpm autoclavable micromotor
  • Auto-sensing dual voltage
  • FDA, NRTL, and CE compliant
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Handpieces sold separately 

What's In The Box:

  • Electronic Control Console (120351)
  • Autoclavable 40,000 rpm Brushless Micromotor (AE-230M-40)
  • Autoclavable Motor Holder (461561) & Attaching Bracket (461562)
  • Multi-Function Foot Pedal (AE-70V)
  • Autoclavable Irrigation Tubing Set (AE-23)
  • Peristaltic Pump Tubing Set (AE-23-PUMP)
  • Irrigation Bag Hanger Rod (461541)
  • Handpiece Cradle
  • 110V/220V Power Supply

Click Here for Irrigation Tubing


AEU-6000-70V Instruction Manual




"I have really enjoyed my Aseptico AEU-6000. It meets all my surgery needs, from placing implants to removing full bony impacted wisdom teeth.

I have found that this unit has more features and better torque than my old W&H... Ever since using the Aseptico product my W&H hasn't seen the light of day."

"I have been using the Aseptico AEU-6000 motor for over a year now, mainly to remove impacted wisdom teeth. In my residency I used the Stryker and Halls Drill so when I purchased this Aseptico unit I was expecting it to compare to the Stryker as far as torque goes when cutting through wisdom teeth.

Some of you may have read on other threads that I haven't been super happy with the result I have gotten from this product as it would stall very easily, almost as easy as a typical impact air or Sabra 45 handpiece, when cutting through teeth.

However, I just spoke with Jeff Baxter at Aseptico a couple weeks ago regarding my concerns and he said that he would send me a software update for this unit that dramatically increases the torque and makes it comparable to the Stryker. So he sent it and I installed it (very easily I might add), and have used it a few times now with the upgrade and I have to say that I AM VERY PLEASED with the motor now. I am now able to cut through a typical impacted lower wisdom tooth in virtually the same amount of time it took me with the Stryker. If any of you have this motor, or the 7000 unit, contact Jeff and get the software upgrade! If anyone is looking for a good oral surgery handpiece I can now highly recommend this unit with this software upgrade."

- Heath Snell, DDS



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