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A-Titan Sinus Lift Kit

by A.Titan
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SKU K7000
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A-Titan Sinus Lift Kit


Complete Kit contains 7 light-weight, color-coded sinus instruments with stainless steel tips. Providing a mix of sinus elevators at different angles and bone packing instruments. Sinus instrument tips are extremely smooth to ensure the sinus wall isn't punctured when separating the sinus lining from the wall.


Kit contains the following:


Sinus 0, Sinus 1, Sinus 2, Sinus 3, Sinus 4, Sinus 5, Sinus 7S, & the stainless steel sterilization cassette. Sinus 0: Acts like a periosteal elevator Sinus 1, 2, 3, 4 are curved from a slight curve (Sinus 1) to a deep curve (Sinus 4) for your preference when working in your patients mouth. Sinus 5 has a reverse angle Sinus 7 sis excellent for carrying and packing bone during a bone graft.


*Should you want a larger spoon and plugger, the 7 is available for sale separately.