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A-Titan Easy X -Trac System

SKU K8000
by A.Titan
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A-Titan Easy X -Trac System

The Easy X-TRAC System is used to perform a minimally invasive extraction on single and double rooted teeth. The system allows for immediate implantation after extraction, and eliminates all rotary/pulling movements, post-traumatic swelling, and need for bone restoration.



Kit includes:
  • XT100 Easy X-TRACTOR, XT110 (set of 3 drills)
  • XT120 X-TRAC Ratchet.
  • XT128 (set of 3, 28 mm screws with 1.75mm diameter).
  • XT140L (left side Protector Plate).
  • XT140R (right side Protector Plate).
  • XT150 (Burr Block for Drills and Screws).
  • A Sterilization Cassette.
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