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A-Titan Easy X-Trac Screws, 33mm, 3 Pack

by A.Titan
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A-Titan Easy X-Trac Screws, 33mm, 3 Pack

Set of 3 Easy X-TRAC Screws, 33 mm in length and 1.75mm in diameter are used with the Easy X-TRAC System to remove a root from the socket with no tissue damage or post traumatic swelling.


Guide to effectively selecting and using the screws are below.



Select the correct X-Trac Screw from 5 sizes.
  • The 28mm, 30mm, 33mm, and 36mm are all 1.75 mm in diameter.
  • A specially designed 33mm screw with a 2.0 mm diameter Root Canal Screw can be ordered separately (XT 135).
  • To ensure you pick the correct length, hold the X-TRAC Screw to the tooth. The reference point is the indent mark on the shaft of the X-TRAC Screw.
  • Always use the highest point in the tooth row as a reference for the indent mark on the screw shaft.
  • Check the length of the X-TRAC Screw very carefully!
Screw in the selected X-TRAC Screw
  • After preparing the root canal with the 3 drills, screw in the selected X-TRAC Screw using only your finger tips until you feel a slight resistance and the screw is successfully started.
  • Use the X-TRAC Ratchet to complete the screwing process.
  • Turn the X-TRAC Ratchet slowly in a controlled manner.
  • Be sure to completely sink the threads of the screw all the way to the shoulder.
  • Check the friction of the X-TRAC Screw after screwing in, to ensure a good hold!
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