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A-Titan Easy X-Trac Drill - 1.3mm

by A.Titan
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A-Titan Easy X-Trac Drill - 1.3mm

The 1.3 mm Easy X-TRAC Drill is marked red and is used AFTER the white 1.1 mm Drill to prepare the root canal when using the Easy X-TRAC System to remove a root from the socket with no tissue damage or post-traumatic swelling.



Steps to effectively using the drills while performing a minimally invasive extraction using the Easy X-TRAC System are as follows:


Step 1. Shorten the tooth Shorten the tooth by using a common diamond bur in order to gain easy access to the root canal.


Step 2. Prepare the root canal:

Only use the specially designed Easy X-TRAC root canal drills.

The recommended speed is 8,000 to 10,000 rpm.

The 3 drills are color coded, indicating 3 different diameters. Start with the thinnest drill (white), and work your way up to the largest diameter drill (blue), in order to accommodate the X-TRAC Screw.

Fully insert the drills, using the entire thread area of the drill.


Tip: We recommend moving the drills up and down several times to completely bore out the canal!

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