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Free U.S. Shipping on Orders $99+

Vector 2 Operatory Set-up Low Speed Package Deal

by Vector
Original price $1,495.00
Current price $1,395.00
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# 1 Best Value Motor Set Available! 

Acrylic Adjustment

The straight nose cone accepts any standard 3/32nd acrylic bur or mandrel.

Caries Removal

The pushbutton head accepts any standard latch bur and provides for quick and easy changing of burs and latch type mandrels.

Finish & Polish

If you are using a 5,000 rpm (prophy) motor for finishing and polishing you will be amazed by the improved performance and results of a 20,000 rpm motor system.

Compatible with all E-Type Motor Systems

Superior high performance motor and high quality, ultra-smooth attachments.

Set Includes:

  • 2 TURBO TORQUE Lowspeed Motors
  • 2 Straight Nose Cones
  • 5 Pushbutton Contra Angles for latch type burs


1 year limited warranty on Motor 6 month limited warranty on Nose Cone and Contra Angle 90 day limited warranty on Angle heads