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Palisades IMPACT AIR 45® Non-Optic 4 Hole

$695.95  $828.00
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Palisades IMPACT AIR 45® Non-Optic 4 Hole

The IMPACT AIR 45's unique 45° angled head allows maximum access and visibility. This is a non-fiber optic handpiece with 4 hole Connection.

The IMPACT AIR 45® is also designed for use in periodontal and endodontic procedures, including:

  • Apicoectomy (root canal drainage)
  • Osteoplasty (bony contouring)
  • Odontoplasty
  • Root Resection

A water or saline line inside the handpiece handle directs a pure water jet (not a mist) directly onto the cutting area. Air is exhausted through the back of the handpiece. 


  • Is fully autoclavable (all stainless steel)
  • Minimizes downtime (office-replaceable turbine)
  • Fits I.S.O. Standard handpiece couplings
  • Uses standard friction grip burs (push-button bur release)
  • Made in the USA 
  • Full Manufacturer's Warranty