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Handpiece Maintenance Plan

One of the main goals here at Avtec Dental is for our customers to achieve optimal performance and maximum longevity with their High Speed turbines. We feel that it is essential to have a proven Handpiece Maintenance Plan in place and adhere to this plan.

Avtec Dental has devised such a plan that will aid you in accomplishing these performance goals with your handpieces. We are confident that if you follow these easy steps outlined below that you will most certainly prolong the life of your handpiece turbines and they will operate more smoothly and efficiently in the process.

To maintain your handpieces, we recommend the use of MK-dent Premium Handpiece Lubricant and Cleaner.

Click here to Print The Guide.


Using the correct lubrication tools, spray MK-dent spray into the drive line or the hole. Spray for approximately 2 seconds - Count 1..... 2.....

2. Run 5 to 10 seconds

Run the handpiece to expel excess lubricant. This should be done at the control unit in the operatory or at a purge station in the sterilization room.

Count 1..... 2..... 3..... 4..... 5.....

3. Wipe with alcohol to remove excess lubricant

Wipe down the exterior of the handpiece with a 2X2 lightly dampened with alcohol. Use pure rubbing alcohol only; many over-the-counter "alcohol wipes" have other solutions added to them, which can cause spotting of the exterior and severe damage to the internal parts of the handpiece. Count 1..... 2.....

4. Bag and Autoclave

Sterilize handpiece as per manufacturer's instructions. Always allow the handpiece to go through the "Dry Cycle" on you sterilizer. Note: We recommend using sterilization bags with one side paper and side plastic.

5. Let Cool

Remove the handpieces from the sterilizer and let them cool to room temperature. Running "Hot" handpieces will severely reduce the life of the turbine.

Additional Handpiece Hints:

  • NEVER wipe or spray handpiece with surface disinfectants
  • NEVER submerse handpiece in water
  • NEVER place handpiece into the ultrasonic cleaner
  • NEVER cheat your burs. ALWAYS fully insert a bur into the chuck and secure properly. If you attempt to extend it from the chuck the bur may dislodge while in use, causing injury to you and your patient. It will also contribute to premature bearing and chuck failure and may void your warranty.
  • NEVER use any type of tool to remove a stuck bur from a chuck. Doing so can cause irreversible push button chuck damage. Call Avtec Dental instead!
  • NEVER use a hot or warm handpiece directly from the sterilizer, doing so will greatly reduce turbine longevity. Never place hot handpieces under cold water to rapid cool, allow for an adequate cool down period. For rotational purposes, a minimum of four handpieces are recommended per op.
  • ATTENTION Midwest handpiece users! Remember to close the lever on all "power lever' handpieces prior to autoclaving. Always remove the bur from the power lever chuck prior to autoclaving.